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Are You A Designer?

Arcane Fibre Works is dedicated to nurturing creativity and innovation in the design community. We understand the importance of support and recognition for designers, and are excited to offer a range of benefits tailored specifically to your needs.

Yarn Support: At the heart of every knitted creation is the yarn itself. Arcane Fibre Works offers yarn support to designers working on projects that showcase our fibers. This program is designed to help bring your visions to life, providing the materials you need to experiment, create, and inspire.

Discounts For Testers: We believe in the power of collaboration and feedback. To support this, Arcane Fibre Works offers exclusive discounts to designers for yarn purchases made by their testers. This ensures that your project can be thoroughly tested with quality materials, making the design process as seamless as possible.

Arcane Fibre Works is not only a supplier of premium yarns but also a platform for promoting and sharing your unique designs. We offer two distinct ways to increase visibility and engage with a wider audience:

A Link to Your Ravelry Pattern on Our Website: We understand the value of connecting directly with the knitting and crochet community. By featuring a link to your Ravelry pattern on our website, we can help direct interested knitters and crocheters straight to your designs, increasing your pattern's reach and visibility.

Direct Exposure Through Our Website: For those who wish to offer their patterns for free, Arcane Fibre Works provides a comprehensive promotional package. This includes hosting your pattern directly on our website, sharing it on our social media platforms, and highlighting it in an email blast to our subscribers. This approach ensures maximum exposure and engagement, helping to introduce your work to a broader audience.

We're excited to hear from you and explore how we can collaborate to highlight your designs and contributions to the knitting and crochet community. Please fill out our contact form with your proposal or inquiry, and a member of the Arcane Fibre Works team will be in touch soon. Together, let's create something truly magical.