Twilight's Glow: A New Yarn Colorway Inspired by Nature

Twilight's Glow: A New Yarn Colorway Inspired by Nature

There's something magical about a sunset over a serene lake, with the sky painted in hues of Blue, Purple, and hints of Golden Yellow. With the rolling hills in the distance framing this masterpiece of nature, and the touch of orange adding a warm, fiery glow to the scene. Inspired by this breathtaking sight, we've created a new yarn colorway that captures the essence of this picturesque sunset. Welcome to the world of "Twilight's Glow," a yarn that will immerse you in the beauty of nature while offering the luxurious comfort of merino superwash wool.

Twilights Glow can be found HERE

**A Symphony of Colors**

"Twilight's Glow" is a harmonious blend of rich, deep shades that mimic the colors of a tranquil evening by the water. Dark blue, dark purple, and navy blue form the base of this colorway, creating a sense of depth and mystery. These cool tones are reminiscent of the calm waters of the lake at dusk. The addition of plum purple infuses the yarn with a touch of elegance, like the regal robes of a setting sun. And the small amount of orange adds that essential spark, much like the sun's last, fiery kiss before it dips below the horizon.

**Material Matters**

The yarn itself is made from a merino superwash wool base which features 19.5 Micron fibres, known for its exceptional softness and durability. This luxurious material makes "Twilight's Glow" not only a feast for the eyes but also a delight to touch. The superwash treatment ensures that this yarn can withstand gentle machine washes, making it a practical choice for your crafting projects.

**Incredibly Soft and Squishy**

One of the standout features of this yarn is its incredible softness. The fine fibers of merino wool are renowned for their gentle caress against the skin. "Twilight's Glow" is no exception, making it an ideal choice for knitting or crocheting garments, shawls, or accessories that you'll love wearing. Additionally, its squishy texture will make your stitches come alive, ensuring a cozy, plush result that will keep you coming back for more.

**Watch How "Twilight's Glow" Comes to Life**

To get an in-depth look at how we create the "Twilight's Glow" colorway, check out our video on the dyeing process. See the magic unfold as we blend these captivating shades to recreate the beauty of a lakeside sunset.

**Pairing Recommendations**

Wondering what colorways pair nicely with "Twilight's Glow"? We have some recommendations to spark your creativity:

**Variegated Colorways:**

1. Feelin Jelly - This playful variegated option complements the vibrancy of "Twilight's Glow" beautifully.


2. Life In The Slow Lane - The calming hues in this variegated colorway create a harmonious contrast with our featured colorway.


3. Whispering Lilac - The delicate pastels in this variegated yarn offer a gentle balance to the richness of "Twilight's Glow."

4. Neon Nights - Add a pop of electrifying color with this variegated choice, creating an exciting visual dynamic.

5. Near and Far - The varying shades in this variegated yarn echo the feeling of distance in the horizon and harmonize with "Twilight's Glow."

**Semi-Solid Colorways:**
1. Charcoal - A dark and mysterious semi-solid shade that complements the depth of our featured colorway.

2. Dark Grey - This semi-solid option adds sophistication and depth to your project.

3. Mouse Grey - The neutral subtlety of this colorway pairs beautifully with "Twilight's Glow."

4. Plum - For a touch of elegance, consider this rich semi-solid hue.

5. Grape Juice -The deep purple of "Grape Juice" harmonizes with the plum and purple tones in "Twilight's Glow."


"Twilight's Glow" captures the essence of a tranquil lake at sunset and offers a stunning colorway that combines the beauty of nature with the luxury of merino superwash wool. Whether you're drawn to variegated or semi-solid colorways, you'll find the perfect companions for your next project. Dive into the soothing world of this exquisite yarn and let your creativity flow like the calm waters of a serene lake at sunset. Explore the dyeing process through our video and find your ideal pairings to bring your creations to life.

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